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“My backround in Cosmetology, which I have worked for almost 20 years, has given me a closer insight into my clients lives. Helping people look and feel good about themselves is rewarding, but listening and watching people over the years suffering with pain and emotional issues made me want to do more.”  

Pam graduated from The Massage School in Acton, MA.  S


he has taken many classes over the years including Color Therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, Craniosacral Fascia Therapy, and Energy Healing. She has a deep commitment to helping others with physical pain and emotional struggles. She has always felt a calling to somehow make a difference in this world.  Finding out what that was has been her journey.  Knowing what it was like to be in pain herself, having years of muscular/skeletal pain, made her feel even more empathy toward her clients. It gave her inspiration to keep searching for answers and modalities until she could find what worked the best.


What she realized is that everyone is unique. Different modalities helped different people, but the one commonality is that by releasing trapped emotions everyone felt better and got better results.  By releasing trapped emotions and using any other modality you can double the benefits to your health because you are treating the whole body.


"I believe emotions play a huge part in our overall health. Feeling stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, and unhappy are all normal feelings, but these and other negative emotions can become trapped energy in the physical body. 


Over time these can cause physical and emotional pain as well as contribute to illness and disease. Trapped emotions can have an effect on your overall health, how you think, the choices you make, and how successful you will be. By releasing negative trapped emotions it helps our immune system.  It helps us be able to live freer, happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.  Releasing these trapped emotions often results in the disappearance of physical problems, self sabotage, and difficulties with relationships."


Theraputic Massage

Relaxing Massage that is gentle but deep to release stress and tension

35 Minutes | $35

60 Minutes | $60

90 Minutes | $90

Integrated Therapy

Customized treatments combining a mixture of Bodywork tailored to fit the client's needs.  A combination of heat, massage, cupping, craniosacral and SRT.  Not Including EC.


Soft rubberized cups are incorporated into the massage using some suction to loosen trigger points and soft tissue.​

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

Gentle technique that assists the head, brain, cerebral spinal fluid and faccia to be happy and move fluidly.​

Structural Relief Therapy

A non-invasive advanced massage technique that stops involuntary muscle contraction increases range of motion and significantly 
decreases pain.  SRT releases involuntary muscle contraction by 
reprogramming the jammed neurological signs of the muscles to and from the brain.


SRT also incorporates the principles of muscle energy techniques and fascia release. SRT is extremely beneficial with a group of treatments. It takes time to treat all affected areas. One treatment can make a huge difference. Imagine what several can do. 

Book and pay for 4 treatments and get 15% off 
Reg. $260, with discount $221​

60 Minutes | $65

Emotion Code Therapy

The emotion code is a form of energy healing that finds and
 releases trapped emotions from the body.


Trapped emotions can cause physical and emotional pain as well as contribute to illness and disease over time. Trapped emotions can prevent us from moving 
forward in our lives and can cause difficulty in our relationships.

Book and pay for 4 treatments and get 10% off 
Reg. $180, with discount $162​


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